A little about me

I am Rajan Verma, a Graduate from National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, Punjab, India.

By profession I am a Full Stack Software Developer specialized in end to end development of web apps.

By hobby I do lot of side hustles, ranging from productivity to entertainment. Some of my creations you can see in the My apps section below.

I also create content, and currently running an Instagram Page with 28000+ followers.

I love automation and make small handy scripts to automate every possible thing i can. Eg. I have written scripts to extract meaningful data from facebook, instagram comments, auto posts schedulers

Currently I am exploring things in Data science and AI.

Some of
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If you are facing the problem of forgetting english even after looking several times into dictionary. This app is for you.

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If you are social media freak use it grab lot of amazon vouchers. You need to share your content to gain a score for that.

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YourFam is an one-page website for creators where you can share links, sell, showcase, promote, collect, subscribe and literally, do anything all at single place. Plug it in your bio and let it roll.

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Clanner is all in one social media planner + automation tool that lets you plan content over 100+ websites.

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MY Domains of Work

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Graphic / Logo Design

Either a Logo or a simple cartoon character, editing of an existing image or existing data manipulation, I'll be glad to do it for you. Your assets will remains yours, with no hidden legal terms.


This is where most people lacks. Branding gives your venture a professional look, shows you are serious about this, and i can assure that I'm too damn serious about this. I can brand whatever lightweight you have in room. From business card to flexes.

UI/UX Design

With modern technologies, its easy to build anything fast but at the same time, it became difficult to stand out from rest. Average user will take 9 seconds to judge your product. Let's design interface that way to make them stick.


Single Page Apps are being loved since 2015 and I am loving it even since before. With sticking to the same page you have the power to interact with everything on site, isn't cool? Let's make it even cooler

Web Development

Either a presentational site, personal blog, ecommerce, marketplace, mid software portal, demographics, online processing, automating software or any mid complex level application. You name it, I'll do it.

Animated Video Ads

Digital Markeing is boom as well as doom at the same time. When it gives you are power to reach at top also sucks your wallet simultaneously. Instead of writing those many article and wait them to rank. Just show them who you are, with a 1 min video.

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