How to stop forgetting words while reading online

How to stop forgetting words while reading online

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Do you also keep on forgetting words while reading online articles and need to look up the dictionary every damn time?

If you face this situation the first step you do is to Google the meaning. Is it? Now, you know the meaning but what will happen if you come across the same word again after some days in any other article. I am sure you didn’t have that in mind and you need to Google again. 

The same I used to do, Google every time I saw a new English word while reading an article. Usually, I check the word and forget it afterward. I need to repeat the process every time even for the same word I checked a week ago. 

This happens to everyone. That gave me a thought, why not my browser tells me the definitions of those words and remembers it till I need it. So that I don’t have to search it every time.

This leads me to create Dictozo a chrome browser plugin that lets you save the words and their translations or definitions and magically highlight them on any web page if that word is found on that page.

This not only saves time but also trains your mind to recall the word every time thus improvise vocabulary. Some of the amazing features you can try with Dictozo are:

  • Save the Translation/Definition from any language to any other language. It will be magically highlighted on webpages.
Dictozo magic highlighting
Magic highlighting of saved word with its definition in dictozo

  • Replace any word with anything you find easy.
Dictozo replace feature
Sample result after “significant” replaced by “impactful”

  • Highlight with the custom definition for any word of your choice.
  • Right-click search on any PDF document.

This is the sure shot solution to make you not forget words. These are some of the productive features of Dictozo, you will find much more when you try it yourself. Currently, this works only on Chrome browser.

Check Here: Dictozo – Stop forgetting words

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