Expose local apps having subdomains to web

Expose local apps having subdomains to web

Expose local apps to the internet using serveo.net

Today I am going to talk about Serveo . Which Expose local apps to the internet similar to ngrok. But let’s discuss why it surpasses ngrok in number of terms and is better alternative in some cases. First of all let’s discuss features and use cases.

Localhost is best until you desire to show it to someone remotely prior to deployment. Best way to use ngrok. Fine Alright!!!

But what if your application runs on local subdomain i.e. lvh.me, in such case, what would you do?

Ngrok is widely used application to expose local servers running on any port to internet out there., but fails when you are working on multi-tenant application which requires subdomain as, it doesn’t support subdomains. In such case you can use serveo as an alternative. Best of it is, your site doesn’t even have to be on localhost means it can run on lvh.me too.

Run below command

ssh -R yoursubdomain.serveo.net:80:yoursubdomain.lvh.me:3000 serveo.net

And your multi tenant application running on yoursubdomain.lvh.me will be forwarded to public exposed path of serveo.net.

Best use case is, when you want to test your :og meta tags are performing quickly in local system without deploying it on any server.

You can also forward multiple tunnels at once

ssh -R 80:localhost:8888 -R 80:localhost:9999 serveo.net

How does it work?

As stated in their website: Serveo is an SSH server just for remote port forwarding. When a user connects to Serveo, they get a public URL that anybody can use to connect to their localhost server.

For more information how to expose local apps to the internet and how to use, visit their website

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